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Tek Makina packaging machines and machines for food packaging.

The company was founded by Yakup TOPALOĞLU in 1995. Our company has created the brand JACOPACK to reach 100% target quality that will meet the needs of the agri-food sector since 2005. Tek Makina is advancing to be the market leader with its investments that constantly finish to acquire on its quality and innovations has better technology.

It is inevitable to follow and apply developments and new technologies to find a place in the local market and especially for the market abroad.

The filling and dosing units manufactured by our company are the best developed in the area. Without exaggeration, it is with great pride that we say, we produce the best filling and dosing units.

These properties generated by our machines have always been recognized and appreciated by customers While preserving its form in the monitoring of machines and application stations to always keep the high precision in the manufacture of packaging machines, these properties have always been recognized and appreciated by our customers.

For a production without waste and without problems of equipment and machines of the clientele we move towards the goal day by day to improve and to develop while keeping an extreme devotion in order to improve our technology and our know-how.

Our mission
Tek Makina's mission is to keep its important place in the packaging market and to keep its quality and standards and develop them to acquire at its ideal.

Our vision
As part of our production and application join the quality and technological objective to produce and follow in its innovative structure of new manufacturing methods and to make the best service to our customers. Joining the quality and the technological objective to produce and follow in its innovative structure of new manufacturing methods and to make the best service to our customers as a part of our production and application.

Political quality
For manufacturing on a growth and quality continuity of filling machines and filling machines, TEK MAKINA anticipates its quality policy on five main titles.
1) Total customer satisfaction: The bilateral exchange of information for a perfect production and profitability and reliability of equipment and machines present on the premises of the customer. Always keep in touch and periodically receive information about the production and meet the needs of the customer.
2) Continuous development: In order to have the most efficient and technologically usable systems in the field of filling and packaging TEK MAKINA follows its integrated work policy with research and development units or departments.
3) Collective participation: The divisions and units of the company are continually integrated with each other in terms of procedures and operating principle, providing a better working environment.
4) Low cost: It keeps the necessities at a minimum cost for maximum quality without forgetting the need for spare parts used during the production and manufacturing needs of high quality while doing the necessary analysis to acquire at the target quality .
5) Guaranteed Quality of Continuity: The goal is to process the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system and pass this process until the customer acquires from order to follow up and up to date. reception. The processes are carried out as a part of the procedures and documentation of the quality management system.

Goals, strategies and objectives
In the filling and packaging sector, to maintain the position in the domestic market, to increase international competition and to be included in the short world list. Minimize the waste figure in production by increasing the fertility and quality of the customer's product. Provide support to the R & D unit of products for which companies cannot successfully complete the filling or packaging even if we are competing with his companies. In order to expand the product line and provide solutions without returning customer demand while offering multiple solutions for integration to marketing.